My trip to Belize was one of the best experiences of my life.
We learned about all aspects of excavating a site by performing
the tasks and also heard about several elements of Mayan culture.
The best part, though, was the people I got to work with
and the staff.
Thank you all.

Around Blue Creak Headquarters

We shared the cabanas (the small buildings in the background) with another person...
and sometimes with another creature,
such as a mouse, scorpion or tarantula.
The buckets contain ceramic sherds that are being cataloged.


The palapa, where we spent our evenings.
It's well equipped with a beer cooler, hammocks, chairs, and a cd player.
We spent several hours here socializing, having our palms read,
and fantastic massages.
An alcoholic odyssey to the Underworld
was even created here by Conor and Simon  (contributed to by others).

The view from the east side of the palapa.